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Alcohol Hand Disinfectant Solution

48,000 تومان
Compounds : Ethanol, Isopropanol, Glycerin and other permitted additives disinfectant solution Scope of work: Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, viruses

Disinfectant for sarcophagus tools

49,000 تومان
Simultaneous cleansing and disinfection of pre-sterilized medical and dental instruments, free of corrosive and destructive effects on sensitive tools, free

Disinfectant solution for surfactant surfaces

159,000 تومان
Compounds : N-Emino Propylene Glycine, D-dimethylmethyl ammonium chloride, EDTA banal coconut chloride, non-ionic cleaner. Maintenance : At a temperature of

Disinfectant solution of 4 liters of surfactant

335,000 تومان
Method of Use : Disinfectant is ready to use. Clean the desired surfaces of visible debris (blood, saliva, etc.), then

Disinfectant surface sprays

53,000 تومان
Especially for spraying on surfacesQuick effect_Volume 4 litersNon-dilute

Pneumatic interface size 4*6

8,000 تومان
Pneumatic interface size 4*6

Sarusopt tool disinfectant solution

154,000 تومان
Pre-sterilized medical and dental disinfectants at the same time as pre-sterilization, free of corrosive and destructive effects on sensitive tools,